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The Online Gallery of Brett Warniers

Digital Artist, Animator, and Social Media Marketer based in Asheville, North Carolina

Brett Warniers is a digital artist, animator, and social media marketer based in Asheville, NC. His mission is to inspire and ignite purpose in others through an integration of art and science. Well-rounded in many forms of digital media, Brett has created viral videos, cartoons, large-format digital paintings, marketing campaigns, and graphic design projects ranging from flyers to company catalogs. He has been creating animations for over 10 years, digital art for over 5 years, and creating marketing campaigns through social media for over 1 year.

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Highlights of Recent Productions:

Motion Graphics:


Quantum Soup: Pilon Wants Lunch (Episode 2)


Viral Videos:


Digital Artwork:

Deserted Digital

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Cathedral of Consciousness

The tall cielings of cathedrals were designed to encapsulate the great heavens in connection with stone formed deep within the Earth, bridging the gap between humankind and the divine source of all being. Our universe contains mathematical constants that are present throughout not only all of life, but our technology as well. Form and function are one and the same, 2017 is an incredible year to be alive, as we are seeing that gap between science and spirituality grow ever closer together.

Prints are made to order, and can be acquired through the shop!


The Psycabin



Fairy Festivals of the Inner Earth